Your well-designed website needs well-written copy that shows off your knowledge and professionalism. You need copy that draws the visitor in and inspires them to take action.

When prospects are inspired they sign up for a newsletter, ask for a phone call, arrange a video chat, or even suggest a personal visit (whenever it’s safe to do that again).

And these are the actions that let you get down to work.

Build Content to Draw Prospects In

The conversation has only started when a prospect arrives on your site. Don’t let them leave before you can engage them in that conversation. Draw them in by offering compelling web content that appeals to their interests.

There are lots of different ways visitors get to your site…

  • Prospects might be checking things out because you were recommended by an existing client. Your website can build on the momentum of that personal recommendation.
  • Maybe an investor found your site because of your marketing material or through the media. You worked hard to get them here. Make those efforts pay off and get them to take the next step.
  • Visitors will also discover your site while surfing the web. Search engine optimization (SEO) encourages search engines like Google to display your site when people go surfing. And the best content for search engines is the stuff that also works for readers.

What really matters is the content itself, how that content is organized, and how it drives actions from buyers.

David Merman Scott, The New Rules of Marketing & PR, 7th Edition

Create Calls to Action That Move Your Prospects Forward

You need to get your visitors to take the next step. I will create the Call to Action (CTA) that moves your prospect forward and gets them to take the next step.

Your prospect’s perceptions are shaped by the copy they see and what they hope to find.

Together we will find the particular impression only you can make. Then I will craft the type of CTA that only you can offer.

As your visitor looks through your website they will be invited to provide you with the information you need to continue the conversation. Exciting copy and a compelling CTA will give your visitors the incentive to take the next step.