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Sounds Like a Fair Trade to Me

SDG # 1 is “No Poverty: End poverty in all its forms everywhere.”

The first goal listed in the United Sustainable Development Goals is to end poverty in all its forms everywhere. As the first of the bunch, it clearly sets the tone. And its role in our creation of a better world is obvious.

End poverty is a lofty goal that might seem unattainable to individual investors, consumers, global citizens. But I can think of one simple way that each of us can begin to attack global poverty in our own lives.

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SDG #2: Zero Hunger

Hunger and starvation have always been issues for some – throughout history. In today’s world, it’s possible to think of a time when we can feed everyone, provide healthy food, and meet each person’s dietary needs.

As we hear again and again, this is the only planet we have. Our goal must be to figure out how to live here to serve us as individuals, as world citizens, and as protectors of planet earth. Food production is a prime example of the intersection between our needs as humans and the planet’s survival needs.

The way forward must address both problems. It lies at the base of our relationship with the world around us. In every way.

With COVID We’re All In This Together

As the old pop song (and theme park ride) goes, “It’s a small world after all….” This is a lesson COVID and this latest variant, Omicron, is teaching us all over again.

As I sit down to write, we are cowering in Omicron’s shadow and recovering from the previous three waves of the COVID virus that preceded it.

As you already know, Omicron seems to have originated in southern Africa, and it was brought to the world’s attention by scientists in South Africa. And less than two months later, it has spread across the globe and shown infection rates that dwarf all of the earlier variants combined.

The consensus is that while Omicron spreads quickly, it is not as deadly as previous variants. And while vaccines are not foolproof, they generally reduce the severity of the infection. Read more

Universal education costs a lot, but the lack of universal education exacts an even higher price.
Beyond the price tag, truly universal education faces numerous barriers, including cultural and familial attitudes towards women and discrimination against political and cultural minorities
And then, there is the range of resources a society can or will direct toward providing and promoting an effective education system for its entire population.
And the problem with providing effective and meaningful education is not limited to countries we consider to be the “third world.”