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Being fair to ourselves, each other, and the planet

A few months ago, I discovered TooGoodToGo.com. Too Good to Go is an international B corporation that started in Europe. Its goal is to eliminate food waste around the world. This problem is especially bad in the United States and Canada but exists across the globe.

After getting started in Europe, Too Good to Go recently expanded to North America. Its goal in the developed nations of Europe and North America is to find ways to put food that would otherwise go to waste into the hands of ordinary consumers. These efforts include small grocery stores and independent restaurants, and coffee shops.

Other charities work to connect larger stores and kitchens with food banks and soup kitchens. Both efforts are essential.

In its effort to help reduce food waste, Too Good to Go serves as the connection between these two groups. I have used it a few times to reserve food from a restaurant, generally around the end of their business day. I can purchase food from them at one-third of the regular price, but I do not get to choose what I will get. I have never felt ripped off but am still trying to grapple with the lack of choice. I know – a real first-world problem. Read more