During your Site Content Audit, I will follow a well-established 21-point protocol pinpointing what is working and not working on your website. I will focus on the 5 Cs of Content as I prepare a report for your review, detailing my findings.

My detailed review will help you understand the effectiveness of your web content. And these guidelines help you be sure that the evaluation you receive is done in a complete and methodical matter.

Before I begin the audit, I’ll set up a brief chat. You will be able to tell me about the site and your overall strategy. During that call I’ll make sure I know what to look for and what to understand or focus on.

This is not a review of technical aspects of your site, although I will point out anything that comes to my attention as I look around. And my review will include both features and problems – the good and the bad.

The Site Content Audit will also include relevant observations on your competitors’ websites. Our opening conversation should include a discussion of who your competitors are or how I can find them. I will try to highlight their strengths and weaknesses and suggest opportunities for you to pursue, based on those observations.

Where possible, I will review your current presence in Google searches and on social media, like Facebook or Instagram.

Once it is complete, the Site Content Audit belongs to you.

Along with giving you a copy of the report for your records, I will verbally present it to you and explain any findings and recommendations it contains. I will make sure you understand everything in the report and know how to make use of that information.

Once you have received your Site Content Audit you will have a detailed document to use as a roadmap going forward.

I want to repeat a point that is often made when Site Content Audits are discussed. I do not want to attack the work your web designer has done on your site. A web designer’s strengths generally lie in developing an effective framework for your presence on the web. I hope to make sure the words that are presented are also effective. Together, these two perspectives (structure and content) have the potential to drive your website forward and bring your business to new heights in the future.

Contact me to set up a 30-minute free consultation. During that call we can figure out what your Site Content Audit can do for you.

If want to just drop me a line, that’s okay too. Either way, we can make sure your Site Content Audit helps you to develop the website you deserve and find the business you desire.