You can easily use email newsletters to keep in touch with your clients, members and prospects. And they are excellent marketing tools your readers can use to share your expertise with prospects who will be excited to make a connection.

Email newsletters are dynamic communication and marketing tools.

Email marketing has the highest return on investment for small businesses. (Campaign Monitor, 2019)

The most difficult problem with newsletters lies in keeping up a publication schedule that your clients can count on.

This is a perfect task to ask a freelancer to perform. As your newsletter producer, I will develop a marketing campaign that fits your needs and remove it from your already busy schedule. With your input, I will:

* Develop a publication schedule that makes sense for you—Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. You decide.
* Build a preparation schedule that comfortably meets that publication schedule.
* Brainstorm topics and series in advance so that you aren’t left scrambling for ideas at the last minute.
* Create the copy that fills those newsletters. You write it and let me review it, or I write it, and you review it. Again, you decide.
* Use the material from your newsletters in other marketing material. You can use Well-written newsletters content in e-books, white papers, or conference presentations. You can even use it for podcasts and Youtube videos.

Set up a time for us to chat or send me a note. Either one is a great way to get acquainted and get things underway.