Socially Responsible Investing

Some investors are looking for opportunities to invest their savings in a way that matches their ethical outlook.  Socially responsible investing (SRI) seeks to offer investors that option. This can take on many facets – facets that I hope to explore in my posts.

When I talk to friends about my fun new t-shirt or the new beer I just discovered, I start to get excited, telling them about the B Corp that makes them. I am always surprised how few people have heard of Benefit Corporations (B Corp for short) or what they are. This led me to decide that if they don’t know about B Corps, there must be lots of others out there who don’t know they exist or what they are either.

So, I am making it my mission here to bring more attention to these businesses so those interested could track a few down.

But first, let’s take a moment to look at why acting ethically in business offers economic and marketing advantages.

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The problems we face as a planet, and species are global in scope and need a global response. By setting global goals like the SDG, we can promote sustainable development goals that help to ensure global progress. By working together toward a set of common goals, we can:

  • end extreme poverty
  • reverse climate change
  • build safe and affordable housing
  • promote and protect civil society

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